"This book should be required reading for every builder and tradesmen in America." Jim Fleming, GC 40+ years

Monday, March 20, 2017

table of content for The Elements of Building

Rules, Ethics, Opinions, Honesty, Integrity, Communication, Education, Quality, Attitude, Image, Vision, Goals, Persistence, Safety, Pacing, Fear, Marketing, Sales, Money, Overhead, Profit, Management, Administration, Business Skills, The Business Of Building, Gratitude, Humility, Builder, Building, Residential Building, Residential Business, Builder Notes, Principles, Business Strategies, Practices Off & On The Job, Human Relations, Being A Builder, Participants, Personnel, Personnel Notes, Miscellaneous, Hiring, Employee Relations, Firing, Subcontractor, Subcontractor Notes, Sub, Subs, Finding Subs, Bidding, Contracts, Licenses, Insurance, Managing Subs, Suppliers, Supplier Notes, Selecting Suppliers, Working With Suppliers, Customer, Client, Owner, Customer Notes, Getting Work, Pricing, Job Preparation, On The Job, Planning, Zoning, Codes, Inspections, Planning, Zoning Notes, Miscellaneous, Professionals, Professionals Notes, Accounting; Bookkeeper, Accountant, CPA, Accounting Notes, Miscellaneous, Computer Programs And Systems, Computers, Programs, CPA's, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Practices, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor, Bankers, Lenders, Loans, Consultant, Consultant Notes, Hiring Consultants, Working With Consultants, Designer, Designer Notes, Principles, Bidding With Designers, Hiring Designers, On The Job, Design-Build Versus Design-Bid-Build, Engineering, Engineer, Engineering Notes, Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Home Inspection Notes, Insurance, Agent, Broker, Insurance Notes, Selecting A Broker/Agent, Managing Insurance, Claims, Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Notes, Real Estate Broker/Agent, Real Estates Notes, Choosing An Agent, Working With Agents, Buying And Selling, Contracts, Estimating, Types & Parts Of Estimates, Types Of Contracts, Ways In Which Jobs Are Contracted, Estimating Notes, Principles, Creating An Estimate, Estimates And Clients, Bidding, Bidding Notes, Principles, Process, Clients, Money, Money Definitions, Money Notes, Principles, Strategies, Money And Jobs, Terms & Definitions, Appendix, Lists, Forms, Contracts, Examples, Site Visit Check List, New Home Construction Schedule, Draw Schedule, Draw Schedule, Subcontractor Agreement, Small Job Contract, Change Order, Construction Index, Pre-qualifying Client Phone Interview, Client Interview, Bibliography, General Construction, Estimating, Construction References Construction Standards, Indexes, Specifications, Codes, Magazines, Periodicals, Inspirational Business Books, Printed Forms, Catalogs, Residential Construction, Home Building, The Business Of Building, Building, Construction, Trades, Tradesmen, Subs, Subcontractors, Contractor, Contracts, Money, Managing Money, Ethics, Residential Building, Residential Builder, Residential, New Home Builder, New Home Building, Building Business, New Home, Custom Building, Custom New Home Builder, Custom New Home, Sub, Subs, Subcontractor, Change Orders, Allowance, Allowances, Building Book, Building Books, Builder, Builders, Design Build, Design Building, On The Job, Managing A Job Site, Managing A Job, Bidding, Estimating, Bidding Defined, Estimating Defined, Licenses, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Planning, For Builders, Financial Planning For Tradesmen, Money, Savings, Construction Definitions, Definitions Building, Building Definitions

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